Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lethargic or in love?

My cat has diabetes and I started giving him injections on Monday. He was acting like he felt well but kind of silly and overly loving. I called the vet and asked what signs I should be looking for in the cat as to show a bad reaction or low glucose.

Vet said "is the cat acting lethargic?"

I said "well, he's laying around, drools on me, and wants to fall all over me"

Vet said "well you better bring him in... sounds bad"

I laughed and said "but he always acts this way"
Vet said "he must just be in love"

So it got me to thinking. Being in love is a lot like being lethargic (Lacking mental and physical alertness and activity, sluggish, out of it). It is amazing that when you are "in love" sometimes you do not react to things the way normally would. I step back and look over past relationships and think "what was I thinking?". Too bad for me that I can't blame it on a drug induced lethargic state. I have no excuse other than i was "blinded by love".

But is that possible - to be blinded by love? Do we let people walk all over us when we are "in love"? And is it really love if we are willing to let that person walk on us?


Kat said...

I have a cat similar to yours, yours is much prettier though lol, I swear my cat is in love with me too, but she's a girl, so I guess she's a lesbian cat lol.

Madison Lush said...

I ask myself those questions all the time and yeah i really do think people can be blinded by love. When im single and look back at past loves, i always think, "what the hell was i thinking? why did i let him treat me that way?"

I dont know if its wishful thinking on our part for the perfect guy that we ignore whats right in front of us, but it sure does make us do dumb stuff thats for sure

Glitzy said...

What an adorable kitty! My boy cat has chronic renal failure so I understand the stress of sticking an needle in him every day forever.

As for your questions,IMO I don't think it's love if we let people walk all over us. You need to have self respect and boundaries and be able to love yourself before you can truly love someone else.

Far said...

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Kris said...

Oh man. We are ABSOLTELY blinded by love. Especially women.

It makes me crazy, cuz sometimes I know it even as it's happening. But, as you said, looking back is the worst. Temporary insanity, I think.

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emmier said...

I had a cat and I know how she behaves when she is in love. She is very tender and always demands attention.

Anonymous said...

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