Monday, October 20, 2008

my point of view...from my phone

So my Saturday afternoons generally consists of sitting at the local coffee shop while my beau does some work on his laptop. And just lately have I had access to a computer myself to do some web surfing, but this weekend I couldn't get connected. I normally read my book but forgot it ..... so I cleaned out my cell phone. Yeah, fun right? I hate it when I have a persons number but i have no clue who they are .... David??? Scott??? Sarah??? who are you guys? DELETE :)
Anyhoo...I figured a good post would be "pictures from my phone". So here are a few (and yes ... there are some I can not post due to .... .well... "for my eyes only" content) But here are a good handful..

I would love to see some of yours .... so let me know if you post any!



Far said...

this is a great post i may have to borrow this idea!! cute pics missy :)

Diamond said...

Not bad, for a cell phone! The one of the kitty and of the buildings came out pretty good. The pic on my post "Friday Photo Share" inside Starbuck's was actually taken with my Sidekick. Didn't come out too bad, if I may say so :-).

Irtiza said...

i can only imagine what's ONLY-FOR-YOUR-EYES-CONTENT...

Dave Q. said...

I never use my phone for pics. I guess I'm out of touch with the times. I know there is a camera in there somewhere. Perhaps I will try it out this weekend? :)

Mike said...

Great idea. Will post some of mine later this week.

Some good photos here. Really like the one of the cat.