Monday, March 4, 2013

25 Random Erin things.........

I posted this in 2009 on Facebook and surprisingly most of it still stands true to who I am today. I did make some notes of changes in red! The game was to post 25 random things about yourself and tag friends who you wanted to do the same thing.

1. I actually don't think I am interesting enough to come up with 25 things anyone would care to read.
2. I live for other people. The thought of losing all of my friends and family scares me to death.
3. I believe in ghost. I think no matter where you are there is someone or something watching you.
4. I love to make people laugh. Sometimes I will even make fun of myself just to make that happen.
5. Most days I do not think I am attractive (not looking for a pity party). I do not think I will ever be considered the prettiest girl in the room.
6. I love to eat spaghettio's cold ... right out of the can. yep :)
7. I treat my cats like they are people. I really think they understand everything I say .... and I KNOW they have a strong opinion of me. ha
8. Singing makes me calm. Singing very loudly and with such feeling is my de-stresser.
9. I love to shop .... sometimes I walk around the mall for hours. I don't always buy things either.
10. I miss my best friend, Dan... who died 13 years ago. He will never know how much I miss him and think of him every day.
11. I hate the tattoo of the sun on my stomach. My best girlfriend and I in high school got the same thing and I wish I could have it removed. I WILL be getting this covered this year
12. When I was in 4th grade I wore a knee length skirt to school. A girl told me my legs looked like tree trunks. I haven't worn a short skirt since then..... or shorts. I hate my legs. when people talk about cankles .... i have to hold back the tears. I wore a short dress for a wedding as the maid of honor, hated every moment of it. Thanks BF for forcing me to do that. UGH

13. I pray all day long..... in my car, at work, at parties. But I feel like He may not be listening sometimes..... or maybe He is and thinks I am coo coo. I always feel like HE is listening
14. Worry will be the death of me. I worry about everything in my life...... non-stop.
15. I wish I were a better person. I wish I had made a bigger impact on people in my past for good reasons. I wish I had the means to save to world whenever I had the chance
16. I miss my job at the YMCA. I miss it will all my heart and it makes me cry to think I am not part of that anymore.
I still miss it, however I LOVE the job I am in now and the people I work with!
17. Sometimes when I am really depressed I close my eyes and imagine God's arms wrapping themselves around me. It helps.
18. I am a dork. yep .... and I love dorks. the dorkier the better!
19. I love to eat .... sometimes it causes issues. But I LOVE FOOD!!
20. I have had my daughter's name picked out since I was like .... 5. Emma Grace, after my Great Great Grandmother and Great grand mother.
21. I do not like sharing a bed with another girl. Not even my sister. For some reason I just can't share that space.
22. I love turtles. When I was younger I saw them hatch on the beach and did the WRONG thing and helped tons of them to the water. :) yeah me. (that's where the tattoo came from)
23. I hate to be hung up on. I think it is one of the rudest things you can do to someone. Means you have no respect. I will never hang up on someone.
24. I have a big butt. :) yes I know you all know this already. I joke about it sometimes. But to be honest I hate it. I do not think it endures me to anyone and have grown up hearing nothing but nasty comments that I will never be able to erase.
25. I have many bad habits I am working on getting rid of..... won't list them thought.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Time for an update!

Well..... I guess it's time for an update since it's been SO LONG.

Things in my world are still the same. Working, spending time with friends, dating, breathing. Some times all of those things makes the last one seem hard. Reconnected with old friends & exes just to be reminded why God  pushes them out of your lives in the first place. Lots of birthday parties, beer festivals, baby showers, wedding, family events..... So many things.

I am hoping to start using this site again as a way to vent and actually connect with the world in a way not possible from my little life. Feel free to comment. Missed some of you really.