Friday, July 24, 2009


So the credit card companies are out to get me. They have jacked up interest rates, lowered my available credit, and are taking up any extra money that I was using to feed my pets and myself. I am falling apart and do not know what to do. I have tried tons of loaners, banks, and even relatives. No one can help me. My debt to income ratio is so out of whack. I call one card to talk about helping me – they automatically lower my limit which alerts the credit report agencies to look like I have maxed my cards out. Then all the other cards FREAK out and start lowering limits, jacking up fees…….which has put me in a hole. I do not know what to do. I worked for a non-profit for over 10 years so I do not make that much money. At the end of paying bills & credit cards I have $200 dollars left to live off of each month. I put 40 bucks a week in my truck just to get to work …… so you see – no money even left to eat off of.

Where did this debt come from you ask? Well – when I was younger I was engaged and planning to get married. BUT close to the date he came clean about sleeping with ANYONE who would let him and we broke it off. We had put so much stuff on my credit agreeing to pay it off together and he left me with it all. I have NOTHING to show for it either. Then after all that fun I had a roommate bail out on me to help her family with finances and she left me with a $1000 rent to pay on my own (non-profit worker at the time). So I used my credit cards to pay for rent. Helping out friends along the way by loaning money…. I am now WAY in over my head.

I have been told NO MATTER what I do…. DO NOT use a credit consolidation company. That nowadays they are ALL scammers. So do I claim bankruptcy? I have a second job right now pulling in about 300 bucks extra a month. My FT job is pretty good pay. I sell things on ebay …. But what do I do now? If you have any really good suggestions please let me know. Either comment ….. or email me at

Not into becoming a stripper,...........I believe winning the lottery is not something in my fate..........and ….well I can’t be a hooker-just not in my personality. So what do I do?