Monday, October 27, 2008

did i really agree to this?

ok.... so in hunting for Halloween costumes this weekend we ran into some major issues like:

(1) VERY cheap looking costumes for WAY too much money

(2) not too many good ones for couples

(3) lack of time and stores.

(4) we ended up actually fighting due to the pressure.... :(

So in the heat of looking I agreed that if my beau could just find something HE liked I would do whatever to make it a couples costume. Well, me and my big mouth got me into the tackiest costume .... (This was not HIS first choice, but it made us BOTH laugh so hard that we HAD to do it!)

YES, that is a SNAKE coming out of the crotch area of the man's costume. And NOOOOOOOO the female costume does NOT look like that in person. It's HORRIBLE. So i returned mine and he has yet to know that I am actually going to make my own...... yes .... I WILL make a costume. Pray for me :) Pictures to follow next weekend!!