Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh please!

So I haven’t had a chance to upload pics from Halloween, except for the one from my phone. I will get around to that soon.

The night was not what I had hoped for as some disappointment with some people I was with settled in quickly. A 3am walk in the pouring rain to the car proved to be the “last straw” and yet I continued to walk in the same direction for fear of being mugged or kidnapped. (it has been happening a lot here in Charlotte lately). Hopefully there can
be some recovery from that night as this week has proved to be a little better.

I am just tired of getting excited about doing something only to have it ruined because I let other people’s actions effect how I feel. Maybe I should just start mimicking what they do that upsets me to see how they like it ….. but I won’t …. Can’t run the risk of them actually thinking I ACT that way on my own accord.

Oh well….this weekend holds a baby shower, football watching, seeing Math Muse perform at Amo’s, and the panthers game!! Hopefully this weekend will be better. PLEASE GOD!