Friday, March 26, 2010

Driving Alone

It is funny how the only time I really like to be alone is when I am driving. I could always associate with the song " In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel because of the famous line "when I want to run away I drive off in my car”. I always tend to run to my car when I am upset or need time alone. I have been learning that the reason I do this is because of a few pretty simple things.

First, I am the one in control. Control of where I go, what I see, what I hear….and where I end up. Second, because I am surrounded by windows and at most times have a clear view of the sky. I always feel more hopeful when I can see the sky, towards Him. Third, I get to be consumed by the music that I choose. I can be full of rage and belt out loud full of emotions songs. It allows me to get out all of my aggression. Or if I am in a great place I can listen to music that either takes me back to wonderful places in my life or some song I may have just found and explore what comes out as I drive. Some times I end up out in the country, singing with the windows down. And sometimes I end up in my driveway, tears streaming not wanting to leave the comfort of my car, the sky, and the music.

This thought actually seemed from this morning. I was thinking about how I am sometimes moved my instrumental music in the oddest places. At work in the bathroom – or course – the range of music is actually pretty amazing. This morning I found myself just standing by the sink so I could enjoy an acoustic guitar solo that made me think about something that happened when I was 19. It was a wonderful, yet very moving and personal tug at my heart right there in the bathroom. I love these artist and musicians for being so giving of their talents. I would give up many things in my life to be able to move someone as much as this music moves me.

I had someone ask me what song I felt MOST reflected my life. ONE SONG? I would have an endless list of such a wide genre of music that there is no way I could ever narrow it down to one. I am lucky enough to have a huge spectrum of types of friends who have helped me learn to appreciate all types of music, culture, and lifestyles. And then I have a few friends look at me cross-eyed when I show emotion towards a song. How can you hear the music or hear the words and NOT be moved? All I can say is, I am thankful for the connection that I feel to music, because I know it is a lasting TRUE thing. And it makes me feel more alive!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

catching up.....

So just to catch up on some good pics….

a few St Patty’s pictures.

And yesterday I had an old co-worker from the YMCA forward me an email she found that I had written many years ago about my usual day at the why answer the help-desk line. This one…. Really makes me laugh!!! I do miss that place AND the people I came in contact with when I worked there.

From: Melton, Erin
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 5:11 PM
Subject: this has been my day
  • No - I am NOT your travel agent – I can not tell you the cheapest place for you to stay while you are here in charlotte.
  • No - I can not help you get a free membership
  • No - I can not give you directions to the Y in Atlanta.
  • No - I can not transfer you to the health department.
  • No - this is not social services.
  • No - we do not have a bed here for the teenager you don’t want living with you anymore.
  • No - you may not speak to the CEO about how the pool is always too cold for you – or how you are mad we let children swim in our pools.
  • No - we do not only let men in –
  • No - we will not help you pay your bills – we do not give away money
  • No - this is not the Belmont YMCA –
  • No - my name is not Charlotte.
  • No - No one here want to talk to you about our printing needs.
  • No - there is no one here named Sharika.