Wednesday, March 24, 2010

catching up.....

So just to catch up on some good pics….

a few St Patty’s pictures.

And yesterday I had an old co-worker from the YMCA forward me an email she found that I had written many years ago about my usual day at the why answer the help-desk line. This one…. Really makes me laugh!!! I do miss that place AND the people I came in contact with when I worked there.

From: Melton, Erin
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 5:11 PM
Subject: this has been my day
  • No - I am NOT your travel agent – I can not tell you the cheapest place for you to stay while you are here in charlotte.
  • No - I can not help you get a free membership
  • No - I can not give you directions to the Y in Atlanta.
  • No - I can not transfer you to the health department.
  • No - this is not social services.
  • No - we do not have a bed here for the teenager you don’t want living with you anymore.
  • No - you may not speak to the CEO about how the pool is always too cold for you – or how you are mad we let children swim in our pools.
  • No - we do not only let men in –
  • No - we will not help you pay your bills – we do not give away money
  • No - this is not the Belmont YMCA –
  • No - my name is not Charlotte.
  • No - No one here want to talk to you about our printing needs.
  • No - there is no one here named Sharika.

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~Tom~ said...

Oh you just gotta love any job where you deal with the public. lol