Monday, March 4, 2013

25 Random Erin things.........

I posted this in 2009 on Facebook and surprisingly most of it still stands true to who I am today. I did make some notes of changes in red! The game was to post 25 random things about yourself and tag friends who you wanted to do the same thing.

1. I actually don't think I am interesting enough to come up with 25 things anyone would care to read.
2. I live for other people. The thought of losing all of my friends and family scares me to death.
3. I believe in ghost. I think no matter where you are there is someone or something watching you.
4. I love to make people laugh. Sometimes I will even make fun of myself just to make that happen.
5. Most days I do not think I am attractive (not looking for a pity party). I do not think I will ever be considered the prettiest girl in the room.
6. I love to eat spaghettio's cold ... right out of the can. yep :)
7. I treat my cats like they are people. I really think they understand everything I say .... and I KNOW they have a strong opinion of me. ha
8. Singing makes me calm. Singing very loudly and with such feeling is my de-stresser.
9. I love to shop .... sometimes I walk around the mall for hours. I don't always buy things either.
10. I miss my best friend, Dan... who died 13 years ago. He will never know how much I miss him and think of him every day.
11. I hate the tattoo of the sun on my stomach. My best girlfriend and I in high school got the same thing and I wish I could have it removed. I WILL be getting this covered this year
12. When I was in 4th grade I wore a knee length skirt to school. A girl told me my legs looked like tree trunks. I haven't worn a short skirt since then..... or shorts. I hate my legs. when people talk about cankles .... i have to hold back the tears. I wore a short dress for a wedding as the maid of honor, hated every moment of it. Thanks BF for forcing me to do that. UGH

13. I pray all day long..... in my car, at work, at parties. But I feel like He may not be listening sometimes..... or maybe He is and thinks I am coo coo. I always feel like HE is listening
14. Worry will be the death of me. I worry about everything in my life...... non-stop.
15. I wish I were a better person. I wish I had made a bigger impact on people in my past for good reasons. I wish I had the means to save to world whenever I had the chance
16. I miss my job at the YMCA. I miss it will all my heart and it makes me cry to think I am not part of that anymore.
I still miss it, however I LOVE the job I am in now and the people I work with!
17. Sometimes when I am really depressed I close my eyes and imagine God's arms wrapping themselves around me. It helps.
18. I am a dork. yep .... and I love dorks. the dorkier the better!
19. I love to eat .... sometimes it causes issues. But I LOVE FOOD!!
20. I have had my daughter's name picked out since I was like .... 5. Emma Grace, after my Great Great Grandmother and Great grand mother.
21. I do not like sharing a bed with another girl. Not even my sister. For some reason I just can't share that space.
22. I love turtles. When I was younger I saw them hatch on the beach and did the WRONG thing and helped tons of them to the water. :) yeah me. (that's where the tattoo came from)
23. I hate to be hung up on. I think it is one of the rudest things you can do to someone. Means you have no respect. I will never hang up on someone.
24. I have a big butt. :) yes I know you all know this already. I joke about it sometimes. But to be honest I hate it. I do not think it endures me to anyone and have grown up hearing nothing but nasty comments that I will never be able to erase.
25. I have many bad habits I am working on getting rid of..... won't list them thought.