Monday, February 2, 2009

oh what a world...

well..... a fake smile is pretty much what I had on all weekend. I managed to get spend some quality time with one I desire the most .... but I am still weepy as I am unsure of how things will go and to be honest I feel like I am losing my best friend. I had a house warming party friday night, a birthday party saturday, and super bowl on sunday. I am lucky to be as busy as I am - gives me less time to think. No - I am not one of those people who needs or even enjoys time alone. I think time alone is wasted time. So here are a few pictures from the birthday party saturday night. Ignore the puffy eyes :(

I will admit that i had a good time though. I met some new people and saw some old friends that I have not seen in a while. So it was good to be out on my own. There is so much bed stuff and drama going on right now in my life... marriages ending, friendships in turmoil, sick babies, lost jobs ...... It is hard to think positive when everything is falling apart. Any words of enlightenment my dear blogging friends????