Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a day ....

well .... today has not been the best. I was woken up at midnight by a friend calling to let me know a girl whom I use to hang out with had passed away. From what they are saying she overdid the fun stuff this weekend and now is no longer with us. Not sure if she just took too many pills or on purpose .... took something. I feel very sad for her. She and I were not really friends anymore, but if I had known I would have maybe hugged her the last time I saw her.... ya know? 38 yrs old and gone now. RIP...Wendy. I sat up all night thinking about life, and just wondering what would happen if it were me. Would no one miss me for days? Who would pack up my stuff? what would people find out about me that they never knew? What have I done for others that would make my existence worthwhile? What is my purpose now?

A friend's mom passed away last month from cancer. Very sad story really. She has now taken in her mother's 3 cats and while away this week to spread her mother's ashes, one died. I, along with another girl, were taking care of them. The vet said she was just an old cat and too depressed to go on. I feel that way some times. I am actually glad i was not the one who found the cat, as i would be in the fetal position on the floor next to that sweet sweet creature. That little kitty loved her mother so much she just could not live without her. Brings tears to my eyes.

so good notes .... my sister is in her last week (hopefully) of pregnancy. Little Peyton Grace will be coming to meet us soon!! I can't wait to meet her. AND I had a biopsy done on my face ... NO CANCER!! YAY! And i ended up having a pretty good birthday regardless of finding out a little bit of info I didn't really want to know about someone close to me. All in all .... what a way to start 34. You will notice my cute younger friends thought it would be funny to mess with the years on my cake .... however they did say i will be 29 yrs old every birthday....... from this year forward!! Works for me!
sister, brother-in-law, step-dad, grand parents, Amy & Melissa, sister & mom
oh and I didn't mean to sound stupid in the earlier post. I know 20 is half way to 40, however when speaking about 30-40 .... 35 is half way. that's what i meant!!! ha :)