Tuesday, September 30, 2008

about me .... (only because a few of you asked)

My favorite things ....and some stuff about me.
I have lived in Charlotte almost my entire life. South Charlotte to be precise. Love it here and only once considered moving away.... but the Queen City kept me here. I have loved watching it change and grow.

I am the middle of 3 girls .... all two years apart and if not born sisters, we would have been friends. I am also the middle of a total of 7 children brought together through a marriage that only God could have planned for. I love my Step father and the way he loves my mother. He can be a pain sometimes though just like any good dad.

I have two little critters at home that are my babies!!
Pee Pee (aka: doodie or master P) and LuLu (aka: Squirrely or TaTa). My older sweet cat - Tigger - passed away last year from cancer and poor Master P just needed a new buddy, so that's how we found LuLu.

I love my job, work for non-profit..... that's all I am really gonna say as I would HATE to lose my job over blogging. I work with some amazing people. I get many opportunities to spend time with people in the community that i would not if it were not for the company. I am glad I can pray, listen to Christian music, and if needed..... cry at my desk and not worry about getting fired!!

I am dating someone whom will remain nameless on here for now. But he is wonderful!

I am so lucky to have a massive amount of friends (most who do not even know I have this blog.... because they love to massacre my myspace & facebook pages). I love to hang out, grill out, chill out, go out, do just about anything this group can come up with. My weekends consist of mostly time with the beau and either night’s downtown in Charlotte somewhere or at a friend’s house playing cornhole, card games, or G Hero!

I love coffee.....love to walk to get coffee. I will walk anywhere if I have a buddy. I love within walking distance of two coffee shops and the best cheese burger place ever!! I love to wear baseball caps too.... a week doesn't go by without me wearing one!!

Last but not least....my faith is what makes me who I am. I am not a bible beater, but a reader. I do believe that everyone has a purpose and it is HIS purpose. I have many friends from many religions and I never pass up a chance to learn about what others think. I wake up every morning thanking God for everything in my life!! well..... that's about it for now.