Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am......

I read a post of the friend the other day that inspired me to take some time to jot down some thoughts. Thanks for your post KW, love ya!

I am ....

~ a newly planted tree when I was two - that I actually remember tying a blow-up Easter Bunny too
~ a child who eats pennies, safety pins,and all of my grand mothers life savers when my mother's not looking.
~ a ravioli eater for dinner when my mother got tired of fighting with me over eating what she cooked.
~ a hide-n-seeker & kickball player with my sisters and the next door boys when I was in elementary school
~ the daughter that always got the yellow room in each house growing up carpet in one house!
~ a choir girl, hand bell ringer, & liturgical dancer growing up in church
~ a little girl who remembers laying in the back of the station wagon with my sis's on the way to the beach.
~ a 4th grader who was told by a classmate that i should never wear shorts to hide my ugly legs.
~ a 6th grader whose Great Grand mother passed away on Christmas day unexpectedly - she was so amazing!
~ a 7th grader who feel in love with her best boy friend only to watch him move away.
~ a 10th grader who got caught stealing and ended up paying $500 and 6 months community service
~ a junior high student who sneaks out with 8 friends to share 1 cig & 1 beer and to walk around the streets
~ a girl whose first real "grown up" kiss was in front of my entire family & half the school..... and horrible
~ a girl who skipped junior prom to hang out with my best guy friend. DWB
~ a girl whose senior prom date thought I owed him something and was saved by a family friend my age!
~ a young adult who sings loudly in the car to Christian music & cannot fathom NOT having Christ in my life.
~ a 20 year old whose best friend died in a car accident and will never forget him or that feeling of loss. DWB
~ a 25 year old singing karaoke in bars, late nights with the girls, and too many jello shots at parties
~ a 30 year old who never gets told she looks her age ..... LOVE IT!
~ a grown woman who loves her cat Pee Pee more than life... i hug him, bite him, and LOVE him so much!
~ a 34 year old feels like i Wasted lots of time ... i want my children to know my grandmother (no babies yet)
~ a animal lover, feeder, caregiver, whom I talk to and think they understand me!
~ from a father who will never know how much he's worth and who wishes he could change the past.

~ from a mother whose "heart is as big as a house". And I am proud & thankful to be like her in many ways.
~ from a maternal grand mother who is worth more than anything
~ from a step-grandfather who I wish had been here all along!
~ from paternal grand parents who were always themselves and excepted everyone just the way they are!

~ attached to 2 sisters who are my friends and I would give anything for them.... and vise versa!
~ part of a brady bunch family that loves no matter what
~ from a stepfather who is always there....even at 4am - always knows how to make me laugh or stop crying!

~ from many bad mistakes & wrong turns. Lost.... love, friends, new life,& money just to make others happy.
~ a young woman whose heart has been broken so many times, yet it continues to overflow with love.
~ blue eyes, a big smile that curls up at the corners of my lips, and forever long brown hair.
~ circles of friends from all backgrounds. I have been the ring leader, party planner, and ms. gossip at times.
~ a hard worker; kennel cleaner, hostess, salesperson, manager, trainer, assistant, party planner
~ merchandiser, car detailer, maid, trivia lead, stocker, organizer, volunteer mentor, and many more....
~ a tailgating, football watching, hotdog eating girl on sundays!
~ someone who always puts on the "other persons shoes" before I even begin to pass judgement.
~ a speed racer in my red truck - who managed to get hit by a drunk driver but only had a few broken bones!
~ a girl whose therapy is to walk the mall .... or just shop alone with the nice cup of starbucks!
~ either lake side, beach side, mountain top......a hiker, swimmer, and sun tanner with lots of protection
~ a tornado of emotions - I cry when I think of how lucky I am and all the people i love.
~ afraid that when i pass away .... i will be forgotten quickly.
~ grateful .... for each moment of life, regrets included.

~ a child of God and I am the only ME there is!!!

that's not all ...... :) I'm a work in progress!