Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh my god .... ME TOO

It is funny to me how telling someone a story from my past can create a bond that might have never happened and vise versa. In spending time with some work folks in NJ I had the opportunity to really talk to some of the people i support. And in doing so got to share some of the amazing (and embarrassing) events that have brought me to where I am today. And in doing so, I heard more than once (out of a grown mans mouth) "Oh my God, me too." In that moment a bond was formed. And WOW - how I am over joyed about it. I am learning that no matter where i am, or what i am doing, the person beside me has some story to tell. Even if it's how much we both hate waiting in line, how they lost a pet, or how they love the song that is playing. Taking that moment and sharing something can create such a bond. I have many friends in my life that actually stemmed from small conversations either in stores, bars, at work, or just out and about. I use to hate the fact the strangers were drawn to talk to me, but now i welcome it. (Sometimes they are a little creepy.... but you just take two steps back!!).

Anyhoo ... that's my thought for today. Oh and the bad mood from the last post is all gone!! Even with a few disappointing moments lately I am all smiles and cartwheels.

And here, just to add a picture is my sweet Hurley (aka Buddy).

Awe, what a life he has.