Monday, October 13, 2008

Always a bridesmaid ...never a bride......really????

I have been a bridesmaid in over 15 weddings. I generally brag about it because it is nice to look back and think that all of those girls wanted me by their side on the big day. But now .... here in my thirties and STILL single.... I look back and wonder if it will ever be me. YES - I shout at the top of my lungs - I WANT TO BE MARRIED ONE DAY. I really wish I had a crystal ball that I could look into just to get an idea of what the future holds.....

so my reason for this post was to put up some fun pics. Cause I love pictures. Here are a few from my the last wedding!!! and then a few from some that I found from past ones!

Jennie & Cole ..... LOVED IT!!

Here are a few from past weddings .... Terri & Gregg

erin & todd (bf!!)


Kris said...

I hear ya on the marriage thing.

My dude changes his mind daily. Sigh.

benspak said...

I'm still too young to be giving sound advise in this category.. But if you love someone enough why do you need to marry them, or even put a label on it?

I guess it's different for women who have dreamed about marriage and a family since they were little kids..

But honestly now - in this day and age - the only thing that really keeps bad marriages together is the legal process and kids. Most of the time it's not the fact that both parties want to stay together to make it work.

So I'm assuming you want kids.. If you trust who you're with now why not ask if he wants to have kids without getting married? Do you think he would really be willing to commit to wanting to make things work even in the hard times or would he split?

Only you know these answers.. but I figured I'd mention it if you hadn't thought about it already.

Good luck.

Far said...

bah marriage is over rated lol.. but nice pics...

plastic business card said...

Happy marriage to arin,it's wonderful day for bride to celebrate her special moment in the life,can you want more,,

Dinh Trung said...

Nice pics and nice post too !

Have a nice weekend !

Dinh Trung

Robin said...

Lovely pics! 15 weddings?!! You are making a career out of being a bridesmaid, aren't you? Marriage is not all it's made out to be, but if you want to be married, I hope you get the chance.

His Sweetheart said...

There will come a day when all those 15 girls you were their bridemaids will be lining a queue when it's your big day ;)

Be optimistic, have you read the book "Why Men Marry Bitches"?!

If not, read it. It will help you a lot

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)