Tuesday, May 26, 2009

psst .... here i am .... I'm here... I'm here

I do not have too much time to post, but realized how long it has been. I wish I could pour my heart out onto these pages, because what some of you think and say about my life actually means a lot to me. HOWEVER .... some things are just meant to be private.... so if you really want to know more I can tell you if you ask.

My life is still crazy. things seem to be getting back on track and in the direction I had hoped for, but as of this weekend I am sitting here alone, again. Trying to figure out why my "eye of ra" keeps telling me there is a lot of deception in my life. I can be told over and over again that things ARE the way they ARE..... but when you FEEL that something is not right..... well... a girl just knows.

I refuse to be a fool .... again. I have had people in my past tell me "why do you let people treat you with any less respect than you deserve?" ..... then turn around and actually DO something that hurts me and expect me to just deal. But my heart can no longer take it. A tool is a tool.... (I was told that this weekend). So my friends who have stepped, my exs who have stepped, and those who think they will be stepping in the future ....

LOOK OUT .... cause it will not be ON ME ANYMORE.

I am done,



all tapped out.....

please .... exit left and DO NOT LOOK BACK.


Because I am moving on.

Period :)

Miss you blogger friends! I will be catching up on reading your blogs soon!!

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