Monday, February 9, 2009

looking up....

I am slowly figuring out that maybe all the bad things in my life latley have been happening because God wants me to have less stress in my life. A new job .... more free time.... more groups of friends. I am trying to think positive here and really think that all the things that have been taken away ... or are changing - really caused me a lot of stress. Yes, I was happy with these things, but I never realized just how much stress on a moment to moment basis they put on me. So for now.... I am looking up (into the clouds, the moon, the sky ... where He is...) and I am thinking - I know soon I will say "thank you God" with open raised arms for all the good things that are coming ..... I know they are coming!!!!

I just need to let go of all the things I hold onto so I have two empty hands to accept what He wants me to have!!!!!!!!!!

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Needsleepy said...

I agree hun...everything happens for a reason. Keep hanging in there!!