Saturday, December 20, 2008

what a month...

well.... i said I was going to post more often since I have SO much free time being unemployed, but I seem to have less free time. I know if i even log onto this site I will end up on it for hours looking at others posts ..... so I stay away. I hope all my blog friends are doing well. I am still job hunting and feeling very worthless right now. my severance runs out here in a few days and I will have NO money while i wait for unemployment checks to come in. First time in my life not having a job. No one is hiring right now. I am working out every day not which I am proud of. I don't want to gain back the 40lbs I lost this past year .....

Family is trying to be supportive. I have a smile on when anyone looks at me ..... maybe I should let them know just how depressed I am. I just hate for anyone to worry, but one more bad thing .... will push me over the edge.

oh ..... so last week I was shopping at TJMaxx. I went to leave the store and like 10 cops stopped me and asked me to wait before i left. I then noticed them cuffing a Latino man that i had noticed following me around the store. The police then asked me to step into the office to take a look at some video. well..... I was in for a surprise. The man had been following me around the store and when i would turn my back he would either take a picture of me .... OR DUCK UNDER A RACK and try to TOUCH ME. 5 times he hid..... and 5 times .... I moved just in time for him not to get his hands on me. He did however crawl on his hands and knees into the isle and manage to put his face close enough to my BUTT to kiss it ... (almost). I was in SHOCK. They arrested him for assault .... getting that close .... is assault here. If i had turned around and seen his face near me ..... I don't know what i would have done. He had pictures on his phone up women's skirts. ..... tons of them. Poor women. I am just glad he didn't actually touch me. I am not sure what that would have done to me mentally.

well...... I am off to weep.


Far said...

ok ew pervert! thank god security caught

ps-we miss u

Kris said...

Wow... Glad he didn't get too close! Some people are so creepy.. I've had stalkers in the past, and one actually stood outside my window and then sent me and email telling me what I was wearing and doing, etc. Still dunno who he was.


I hear ya about being jobless and depressed. I've been in Toronto for many months now, and still can't find anything. Job markets are so horrible right now. such a bad Christmas, now.

Sorry for the novel, darlin'!

Geri said...

Wow! This is terrible. What a creep. Thanks heavens he was arrested. I swear it's just not safe anywhere with peole like this.

Jen Kucsak said...

I love your blog - I can't believe I just found it now! We have a lot in common, I too just got laid off and looking for work. Thanks god we have our blogs, right? Check out mine

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