Friday, November 14, 2008

rain rain .....

go away!!!!

I love rain ... when i am home with nothing to do. BUT when I have errands to run and a planned night out that may get cancelled, well ..... GO AWAY!!

Maybe this is God's way of telling me a few things. Maybe I should be happy I can put my hair in a pony tail when I get home, open the windows, enjoy the cats, and snuggle with my honey instead of going to the bar ..... maybe.

From God to lil me on a rainy day:
1. Hey speed racer .... slow down. (rain and leaves do not help my pickup truck stop quickly...errr.... **crash**!)
2. Hot rolled your hair this morning eh? ... ha .... here comes the rain!

3. Errands can wait, take a break to just enjoy the cleansing rain.

4. Eat lunch from the fridge and save some money!! (I go out way too much)
5. The local pub can live without you for a night! Stay home!!
well..... we will see. Maybe we can get tixs to the Bobcats basketball game instead!! that would be fun! Tomorrow night (rain or not) is Champagne Saturday at Amy & Billy's!! LOVE IT!!

have a good weekend!


indra said...

middle of the night to visit friends smile ....

Indrayani said...

Hahaha.. nice, funny perspective!