Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me???

35 is quickly closing in. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming, but as the last few days of 34 wind down….I can’t help but panic a little. I keep telling myself it’s no big deal, but the fact that I will be closer to 40 than 30. (if you read back to my previous b-day post you’ll see my thought process has always been the same). A friend reminded me last night that I will STILL be closer to 1 than 100 so to CALM DOWN. Last night as I was running trivia at DG Bar I made the mistake of telling the bartender about up upcoming doom. He then proceeded to tell EVERYONE in the bar that my birthday was coming.

Now, in normal Erin fashion I kept telling people I’d be 28. Most believed me but
one group of fellows wanted proof ----- as in they thought I was YOUNGER. When they finally convinced me to show my id, they all sat in complete silence as they passed it around. Then one, who sounded as if he was going through puberty, says “wow….there’s hope for the future”. And they all started laughing. And the compliments and competition for my attention started. The last lingering guy managed to corner me as he was leaving (22 years old and in law school) and he says I can only hope I will be as exciting and young as you are in my 30’s. AND if not, I hope the girl I am with is JUST LIKE YOU. Then he asked me for my number. I politely said no. I do have to say it was flattering, but at the same time….there are guys I use to babysit that are older than this boys.

I don’t want to grow up.

I don’t want to grow old.

I don’t want to ever be less than who I am now.

I like
who I am, so who cares if I am closer to 40? (well, me of course) but maybe for now that will just be our little secret.


~Tom~ said...

Well now I am depressed. I wish I was turning 35 instead of the 47 I actually turn next month. lol Happy Birthday to you a few days early

Kris said...

You're as old as ya feel. So how old do you feel?

tahtimbo said...

I hope I'm not TOO late to wish you a happy birthday!!! I hope you had a terrific day.
Oh, and 35 is not old. Look at it this way, you had a 22 year-old asking you for your number.
Also, try not to look at it as growing older, but gaining life experience. Yep, time to put on the old boots, because it's getting thick :)
Anyway, Happy Birthday!!

HermanTurnip said...

My rule is to "never grow up". Sure, you can become more knowledge and responsible, but damn the rule that says you have to grow old.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Hurley...I have Hurley's twin and his name is Harley.
Great blog and have a great day!

Eddy Vega said...

oMG - why did I just stumble across your writing, looking for a free printable card for a co worker leaving us today - of course it would figure, 2 years later, and a country wide apart -

any chance your still available and like California ???