Monday, December 7, 2009

4 day weekend….

So I took off last Thursday and Friday to attend my yearly charity event “Second String Santa” and decided last minute not to go. It’s a formal fun holiday event where I see tons of people that I just don’t see too much anymore. This year I guess I am just not feeling up to it. So my weekend was filled with planning for HIS move, hanging out with friends at random places, and stressing out!

I did make it to the Carolina Panthers/Tampa Bay game with Moe. Fun filled tailgating, meeting new friends, and just being me…..for a bit.

A little bit of stress-free fun for a few hours!

Go CATS!!!!

Tailgating with Champagne!!!!

And We won, so that made it all the better!And I meet some really nice new people!!!!

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Dorothy Rimson said...

Enjoy Your holidays. All the best