Thursday, August 13, 2009

Table for one?......

Soooooo in reading an article the other day in a local Charlotte Magazine I found myself laughing and crying at what this columnist had to say. She was giving a brief overview of the reasons why she felt she should stay single. Her main reason being that if she stopped dating she would lose any material that stems writing a great column. She dove into all the main guys in her life and the things they did that were just STRANGE. Then she took a hard left and admitted all the funny and down right crazy things SHE had done to guys and while being "in love".

It made me think ..... I have enough good and bad to write and entire freaking book.

SO ..... I think that's what I might do :)

Or at least blog? So I may start another blog where I write about lost loves and lost sanity ...... would anyone read it? AND would I have people laughing and crying like she had me all in a matter of two pages? We will see ...... more to come!

Oh and NO I do not want to be single forever .... (I am not single at the moment either)
I am not even sure where to start ..... need to do a lot of thinking on this one!


~Tom~ said...

oooh please do it. That would be fun reading for sure. Just change names to protect the guilty! lol

RileyScott said...

I agree with Tom, that it might be a fun blog. In fact maybe a bunch of us could do it together and share all the horror dating stories of our lives, :)

DEEN said...

that would be interesting... i'll wait. ^^

Nancy said...

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Kris said...

I think you should do it. And if you need any help, I'm here for ya!

Erik said...

Cool. I am waiting with baited breath!